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Fleet Exhaust System – ideal for HGV, LGV and Blue Light

Vortex™ Fleetflo™ – the ideal exhaust system for commercial and blue light fleets

Commercial Fleets

Vortex Exhaust Systems are an ideal choice for any fleet operator, providing a practical and effective way to help overcome the challenges of ever increasing fuel costs and government legislation on emissions reductions.

The performance enhancing characteristics of Vortex products improves vehicle efficiency, prolongs service intervals and extends engine life by reducing carbon build-up and engine stress. With more time on the road for vehicles, Vortex Exhaust Systems will help increase fleet operators’ profitability.

Blue Light and Public Sector Fleets

With the need for greater efficiency in Public Sector transport and logistics operations, Vortex Technology can make a significant impact on operations, improving efficiency and saving fuel.

Vortex Exhaust Systems will help public sector organisations meet their environmental commitments, actively reducing emissions and pollution caused by traffic, whilst saving fuel and cutting vehicle engine wear and tear.

  • +10% Brake Horse Power (BHP)

  • +10% Torque (NM)

  • +10% MPG improvement

  • Cuts Emissions

Vortex fleetflo fleet exhaust system is suitable for all fleets from vans to LGVs and HGVs.

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Vortex Exhaust Technology is an ideal choice for any organisation looking to reduce running costs and their carbon footprint

Unlike many developing low-carbon technologies, Vortex Exhaust Technology is immediately available and will impact on emissions TODAY.